Your IT systems and data are secure with us.


Are you worried about problems in Information Systems? Are you unsure about the security of your services or are you worried about the cost of business IT?

We will help you.

Complex and structured solutions 

We will provide you with a solution tailored to your company's needs.

 We will deliver you a functional result, not a presentation of the effort. We will find the most cost-effective option for you.

We offer:

  1. Our highly certified expertise, experience, and customer integration into global cyberspace. 
  2. Enhancing the expertise of your existing IT department.
  3. Coordinated defence against constant innovative attacks. 

Effective setup of technology 

Using the technology you already own is no problem for us.

Often the cause is factory settings or lack of knowledge. We focus on collecting data on the security and operational health of all information system components. We analyze the data with quality tools to evaluate symptoms of potential operational and security problems.

We deliver answers to your questions:

  1. How to spend more cost effectively in IT security and data protection?
  2. How to find improvements in your processes, information, data?
  3. What can you do better in ICT?

Quality and reliable communication 

Open and transparent communication is essential for us.

If any problem arises in ICT, our team will inform you or take the necessary steps to eliminate the consequences of the problem. A record of all actions is kept, which you will receive with a proper explanation. In addition, each client is assigned a contact person from our team for clearer communication and regular meetings are set up to pass on information. You will always stay in the loop with us.

Flexibility of Service

We will adapt to your requirements and will continue to adapt to them during the cooperation.

We are not technologically oriented. We focus on the tools you have already purchased. Our monitoring center systems run on a private cloud in the Czech Republic and we prefer an automated process of Incident Response (SOAR). We are interested in data describing your problems, thanks to which we can guarantee the safety of your technologies.

Security with us starts with the data from security systems, from which we create information and facts about the security of your environment in order to be your guide, advisor and manager in your legal obligations to protect information.

Our clients